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Compounding – Bravely Default Guide

Compounding – Bravely Default Guide

Compounding – Bravely Default Guide

Compounding is the ability which a Salve-Maker uses to combine certain ingredients into entirely new or beefed up items. The skill is obtained by default when

How to beat Immortal [Bravely Default 2 Guide] Boss Fight

Immortal is one of Bravely Default 2’s “Four Fiends” for the Crystal shrines. Immortal is much weaker than Adam, so if you got through that I think you’ll be fine here. Still if you’d rather prepare for the Immortal boss fight I hope this guide can help you.

I am doing this fight on the Hard Mode difficulty, so it might be easier for you than it looks here.

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Bravely Default 2 – Anihal [Guide]

Today’s Bravely Default 2 boss is Anihal the Beastmaster. This guide provides some tips and tricks on how to beat her! Take your time! Especially on hard mode! Make sure to default a lot early on and keep on top of healing.

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Bravely Default – Job and Class Combo Guide ~ The MetaGame

Spoiler-free analysis and guide to combat and all classes in the game, as well as suggested job and ability combos.
EDIT: Youtube robots muted parts of the video, sorry! Play the original audio file here alongside the video: https://tinyurl.com/s9rd4l8

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Footage thanks to HeroVoltsy’s awesome let’s play!

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